Grants for Research - AURF

Alagappa University Research Fund (AURF)

Alagappa University has created a corpus in the name of Alagappa University Research Fund (AURF) to promote research culture among the faculty members and scholars of Alagappa University, as per the university norms. Out of interest earned on this corpus, the following schemes are implemented.

  • AURF – Research Fellowship

    Successful toppers in the Pre-Ph.D. Entrance examination and subsequently registered in the University Departments (or) Registered Non-stipendiary Meritorious scholar in the Departments shall be awarded a fellowship of Rs.5,000/- per month for a period of two years.

  • AURF – Partial support for submission of Ph.D. Thesis

    Full-time non-stipendiary Ph.D. research scholars registered in the University Departments shall be paid a one-time monetary support of Rs.10,000/- each at the time of submission of Thesis.

  • AURF – Start Up Research Grant

    New faculty members in the University Departments shall be awarded one-time grant of Rs.1,00,000/- (one laksh) for Science and Rs.50,000/- (fifty thousands) for non-science Departments for undertaking cutting-edge / thrust area research.

  • AURF – Excellent Researcher Award

    Research recognition in the form of Award consisting Rs.15,000/- (fifteen thousands) Cash, Certificate, Citation and Gold Medal shall be awarded to a Faculty for the contribution made in research and possessing good "h"index.

  • AURF – Research Patent Grant

    Faculty shall avail financial support for patenting the output of research originated either from funded Research project or for Ph.D. supervision carried out in the University Departments.

  • AURF – Support for Research paper publication

    Faculty shall avail financial support (actual amount) for publishing high quality research paper in peer reviewed journals.

  • AURF – Travel grant for presenting Research paper in International Conferences

    Faculty and Ph.D. scholars shall avail partial or full financial support (actual amount) for presenting research papers in International events (seminar / conference / workshop etc) abroad.

  • AURF – Partial support for conducting seminar / conference in Thrust Area(s) of Research

    Faculty representing the Department shall avail partial financial support for conducting International Seminar / Conference in emerging / thrust area(s) of research, as per norms.