Special Officer (ED&M)



Alagappa University is endowed with adequate physical infrastructure in terms of land and buildings for accommodating all its constituents. Sufficient number of classrooms and adequate measure of transport, water and power facilities are available for comfortable conduct of its academic programs.

The University has vast campus of over 429 acres at Karaikudi and 8 acres at Thondi. 26495.28 sqmt / 284824.26 sqft plinth area of the building have been taken over from the Alagappa University Trust.

At present 85765.82 sqmt / 921982.56 sqft plinth area of the buildings are with University. For the last 5 years 4827.78 sqmt / 51898.64 sqft plinth area of the building have been completed. The major works are (1) Faculty Guest house (2) Canteen at Administrative building (3) Health Centre (4) B.Ed., Ladies hostel extension (5) PG hostel at Science campus (6) Ladies hostel at Thondi and (7) Gents hostel at Thondi.

Now 156 buildings are available in the University. There are 8 nos. of Women’s hostel and 4 nos. for Gents hostels are available on campus and 2 nos. of hostels are available at Thondi campus each one for Ladies & Gents respectively.

There are 2 modern AC Auditorium constructed during 2005 – 2008 and there are 3 Guest houses available in our campus.

For supply of water to the entire campus, 40 nos. of borewell and 2 nos of OHT of (each 1 lakh capacity) are available on campus.

Maintenance work and minor building construction works are being taken by the University itself and major building works are undertaken by the PWD, by the deposit work.

Every Department is provided with well furnished adequate number of class rooms. Separate class rooms, program-wise and Year-wise ( I, II or III year of study, as the case may be) are provided. Besides for Elective Courses and Computer Courses separate classrooms are provided. At least in 80% of the classrooms facility for e-pedagogy (PPP, Internet & CDs/DVDs) is provided.

There are captive power generators as follows

  • 18 nos of three phase Gen set ranging from 15KVA to 625KVA in Alagappa University Campus.
  • 12KW Solar Panel in Science Block Campus.
  • 5KW Solar Panel in Main Guest House.

There are 2 nos. HT service connection, 6 nos. LTCT Service connections and 16 nos LT Service connections are being maintained in this campus.

Two modern multi-purpose auditoria were constructed during 2005-08.

The Multi Storey New Science Block with G + 7 Floors as most imposing structure in Karaikudi and its neighbourhood has been constructed at a cost of Rs.35 crores, wherein seven Science Departments have comfortably accommodated with all academic and research facilities.

The design, blueprint, approval, tendering, contract award, work commencement, work progress monitoring, work-quality, work-measurement, payment, work-completion, certification, take-over of property, up-keep, upholstery, electrical/special installations, facilities for differently-abled-persons, protection, maintenance, repair, renovation, etc of the property / installations / works (civil/electrical) are an important task. The Special Officer (ED&M) is responsible for this.