Motto, Vision, Mission & Policy

MOTTO : Excellence in Action
VISION : Achieving Excellence in all spheres of Education, with particular emphasis on Pedagogy, Extension, Administration, Research and Learning (PEARL).
MISSION : Affording a High Quality Higher Education to the learners so that they are transformed into intellectually competent human resources that will help in the uplift of the nation to Educational, Social, Technological, Environmental and Economic Magnificence (ESTEEM).
QUALITY POLICY : Attaining benchmark quality in every domain of PEARL to assure the stakeholders delight through professionalism exhibited in terms of strong purpose, sincere efforts, steadfast direction and skillful execution.
OBJECTIVES : providing instructions and training in such branches of learning, as the University may determine. Fostering research for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
QUALITY QUOTE : Quality Unleashes Opportunities Towards Excellence (QUOTE).