Architects of Alagappa University ( Former Vice-Chancellors)

Architects of Alagappa University
Former Vice-Chancellors and their contributions for the Development


Dr (Mrs) Radha Thiagarajan

Period : 1985 - 1991

Major Developmental Contribution
  • First Vice-Chancellor of Alagappa University and got extension for three more years.
  • Created innovative and Industry focused Departments, viz. Department of Industrial Chemistry, Bank Management, Corporate Secretaryship, Computer Science and Engineering, Education and Physical Education.
  • Took strenuous efforts in getting 2(f) and 12 (B) status to Alagappa University within very short period.
  • Obtained membership for Alagappa University from the Association of Indian Universities and Association of Commonwealth Universities.
  • Constructed the Administrative Block and Central Library with visionary and aesthetic sense.

Dr. K. Nagappan

Period :1991 - 1994

Major Developmental Contribution
  • Started the Directorate of Distance Education to generate source of revenue to get rid of financial crunch of the University.
  • Established the Alagappa Institute of Management to offer MBA programmes.
  • Introduced the ICT in the Administration, Finance and Examination sections.
  • Being an eminent professional in developing software, himself has developed many software and implemented in practice in all administrative sections.




Dr. P. Ramasamy

Period :1994 - 1997

Major Developmental Contribution
  • Created a Centre for Crystal Growth and Instrumentation Centre
  • Inculcated the sense of Research Culture among the Faculty members
  • Encouraged the faculty members to grab Extramural Research Grants from various Funding agencies
  • Took effective efforts in protecting the University lands from public encroachment.




Dr. K. Rukmani

Period :1997 - 2000

Major Developmental Contribution
  • Established the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Area Studies in Thondi campus
  • Arranged the collaborative agreements with Academic Institutions to offer Distance Education Programmes, particularly the Computer Science programmes.






Dr. A. Ramasamy

Period :2000 - 2003

Major Developmental Contribution
  • Unitary type of Alagappa University has been converted to an Affiliating University by the Tamil Nadu Universities Act 2002.
  • Accordingly, 21 Arts and Science Colleges affiliated with Madurai-Kamaraj University, Madurai, have been transferred to Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
  • The Department of Biotechnology has been established during this period.
  • Introduced the concept of establishing Learning Centers of Directorate of Distance Education within and outside the state.
  • The concept of Collaborative Programmes has been introduced to have an agreement with private institutes utilizing their physical facilities to offer the university programmes.
  • Witnessed significant stable increase in Financial soundness of the University.

Dr. P. Kanniappan

Period :2004 - 2007

Major Developmental Contribution
  • Established four new Departments, viz. Department of English and Foreign Languages, Library and Information Science, Women’s Studies and Economics and Rural Development.
  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been introduced for all programmes in the University campus.
  • Sensitized the staff members about the need for Assessment and Accreditation
  • With the consolidation of all available resources, brought the University to go for NAAC assessment and got accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC.
  • Three Departments, Viz. Dept. of Physics, Industrial Chemistry and Physical Education got UGC – SAP status and two Departments, viz. Dept. of Physics and Industrial Chemistry got DST – FIST status.
  • Considerable number of Administrative staff positions has been added based on the recommendation of Man power Assessment Committee.

Dr. P. Ramasamy

Period :2007 - 2010

Major Developmental Contribution
  • Established frontier Science Departments, viz. Department of Bioinformatics, Bioelectronics and Biosensors, Nano Science and Technology and Animal Health and Management.
  • Constructed the G+7 storeyed Science Block with sufficient working space to cater to the needs of Science Departments.
  • New Distance Education building with G+2 storeyed has been constructed.
  • An Exclusive Building for Ramanujan Research Centre for Higher Mathematics has been inaugurated.
  • Students admission and revenue enhanced substantially by getting recognition and ex-post approval from Distance Education Council for various Distance Education Programmes.

Dr. S. Sudalaimuthu

Period :2010-2013

Major Developmental Contribution
  • Established two departments, viz. Department of Energy Science and Department of Life Long Learning.
  • Created two Centres, viz. Centre for Fine Arts and Centre for Skill Development.
  • Consolidated all physical and learning resources for getting Re-accreditation with NAAC
  • University got Re-accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC with CGPA of 3.21 out of 4.
  • Initiated massive curriculum revision with broad based board of studies inviting Foreign Professors / Experts.

V.C. Officiating Committee

Period :2014-2015

Major Developmental Contribution
  • Carried out the routine Administrative works