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Research is one of the strongest components of Alagappa University. All the faculty members of the University have been actively engaged in research. With financial support from national/international agencies like DST, DBT, UGC, CSIR, ICMR, DRDO, MHRD, UNESCO, etc., various research projects are being carried out. Currently 70 projects with external funding to the tune of Rs.1400 lakhs are on-going. The University Grants Commission has been supporting the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics -(DST-FIST) and Physical Education under Special Assistance Programme (SAP).

Similarly, the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India has been supporting the Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Biotechnology under “Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST)" scheme. Based on the research publications and ‘h’ index, the DST has recently sanctioned a research grant of Rs.600 lakhs to all the Science Departments of the University under Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence (PURSE) scheme.

The average impact factor of the publications made is close to 2.0. Alagappa University has published 618 research papers with an average citation per paper of 2.85 during the period 1999-2008 and has a high share (31.07%; All India Rank 3 among top 53 Indian Universities) of International Collaborative Publications in total publications output during the same period (Gupta BM, Indian J. Sci. Technol. 3(7):837-843, 2010). Based on the average H-index of 22, Alagappa University has got 27th rank at the national level.

Apart from earmarking Rs. 1000 lakhs for equipments and consumables in the last 5 years, the University has created an internal research fund, Alagappa University Research Fund (AURF) with a corpus, of Rs. 500 lakhs for inculcating research culture and promoting research. Every year, projects worth Rs. 50 lakhs are sanctioned by the University from its own funds for research.

A separate Research Section has been functioning under the Dean of Research since 24th January, 2011. The University has Research Advisory Committee (RAC) to monitor and foster research activities at various levels in the University with the University’s objective of ‘Fostering Research for the Advancement and Dissemination of Knowledge’ utmost in mind. The RAC has formulated the guidelines for admission to M.Phil and Ph.D. programs.

Alagappa University is one of the early birds to adopt the University Grants Commission (Minimum Standards and Procedures for award of M.Phil and Ph.D. Degree) Regulations, 2009. The guidelines were formed on the lines of UGC regulations as well as on the guidelines of Tamil Nadu State Council for Higher Education (TANSCHE) in important Aspects such as fixing the eligibility criteria for M.Phil/Ph.D Supervisor-ship, Procedure for admission, Allocation of Research Supervisor to Research Scholars, Course Work, Evaluation and assessment methods. On the advice of RAC, the University conducts an All India Level Pre-PhD Entrance Examination twice a year(February and July) for selecting meritorious candidates for M.Phil and Ph.D. programs in various disciplines.

Wide publicity is also given through National dailies and University website for the Pre-PhD Qualifying Entrance Examination. The RAC also advises the University authorities in several other matters which are involved with fostering of research and maintaining the quality of the research programs. The RAC meets 4-6 times in a year and evolves strategies for maintaining quality in research besides dealing with special issues, as they may arise and provides recommendation based on merits of each case.

The University had thus far enrolled 3796  candidates for doctoral programs, of whom 1867 got awarded the PhD and remaining candidates pursue their work.

Dr. A. Narayanamoorthy
Dean - Research


Dean – Research

Dr. A. Narayanamoorthy

Dean (Research)

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Research Advisory Committee

Research Advisory Committee




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Approved Research Centres

Approved Research Centres

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Grants for Research - AURF

Grants for Research - AURF
Alagappa University Research Fund (AURF)

Alagappa University has created a corpus in the name of Alagappa University Research Fund (AURF) to promote research culture among the faculty members and scholars of Alagappa University, as per the university norms. Out of interest earned on this corpus, the following schemes are implemented.

  • AURF – Research Fellowship

    Successful toppers in the Pre-Ph.D. Entrance examination and subsequently registered in the University Departments (or) Registered Non-stipendiary Meritorious scholar in the Departments shall be awarded a fellowship of Rs.5,000/- per month for a period of two years.

  • AURF – Partial support for submission of Ph.D. Thesis

    Full-time non-stipendiary Ph.D. research scholars registered in the University Departments shall be paid a one-time monetary support of Rs.10,000/- each at the time of submission of Thesis.

  • AURF – Start Up Research Grant

    New faculty members in the University Departments shall be awarded one-time grant of Rs.1,00,000/- (one laksh) for Science and Rs.50,000/- (fifty thousands) for non-science Departments for undertaking cutting-edge / thrust area research.

  • AURF – Excellent Researcher Award

    Research recognition in the form of Award consisting Rs.15,000/- (fifteen thousands) Cash, Certificate, Citation and Gold Medal shall be awarded to a Faculty for the contribution made in research and possessing good "h"index.

  • AURF – Research Patent Grant

    Faculty shall avail financial support for patenting the output of research originated either from funded Research project or for Ph.D. supervision carried out in the University Departments.

  • AURF – Support for Research paper publication

    Faculty shall avail financial support (actual amount) for publishing high quality research paper in peer reviewed journals.

  • AURF – Travel grant for presenting Research paper in International Conferences

    Faculty and Ph.D. scholars shall avail partial or full financial support (actual amount) for presenting research papers in International events (seminar / conference / workshop etc) abroad.

  • AURF – Partial support for conducting seminar / conference in Thrust Area(s) of Research

    Faculty representing the Department shall avail partial financial support for conducting International Seminar / Conference in emerging / thrust area(s) of research, as per norms.

AURF Beneficiaries

AURF Beneficiaries
AURF Research Fellowships
Sl. No. Reg. No. Name of the Scholar Department
1 1267 S.Selvakumar Education (DDE)
2 1246 T.Balamurugan Library & Information Science
3 1245 S.T.Aruna Thevi Alagappa University College of Education
4 1230 B.Thirukkumaran Tamil
5 1227 C.Sathiyaraj Alagappa University College of Physical Education
6 1215 P.Muthuramalingam Biotechnology
7 1203 C.Renuka Economics & Rural Development
8 1189 S.Shobana Alagappa Institute of Management
9 1169 B.M.Ashwin Industrial Chemistry
10 1075 R.Ishwarya Animal Health & Management
11 1066 V.Kalyani Women’s Studies
12 1057 M.Nagalakshmi Energy Science
13 983 G.Sowmya Physics
14 971 J.Bharath Oceanography & Coastal Area Studies
15 960 T.Kanimozhi English
16 958 S.Saranya Corporate Secretaryship
17 833 J.Mahalakshmi Computer Science & Engg
18 817 M.Sudhan Bioelectronics & Biosensors
19 659 L.Akila Mathematics
20 654 R.Kalyani Nanoscience & Technoloyg
21 1122 Umesh Panwar Bioinformatics
22 1304 S.Vevek International Business & Commerce
23 1185 S.Pandiselvi Mathematics
24 998 K.Banupriya Corporate Secretaryship
25 1269 S.Sivasakthi Nanoscience & Technology
26 1177 G. Arivalagan Management
27 1240 X. Arockia Anita Education

AURF Partial Support for Submission of Ph.D Thesis
Sl. No. Reg. No. Name of the Scholar Department
1 813 N.Chitra Devi Alagappa Institute of Management
2 561 D.Murugan Corporate Secretaryship
3 616 M.Ilayaraja Computer Science
4 681 V.Thirumal Nanoscience and Technology
5 676 M.Karpuraranjith Industrial Chemistry 
6 935 K.Shankar Computer Applications
7 1047 J.Kalaiselvimary Physics
8 1260 U.Chellapandi Alagappa University College of Physical Education
9 865 K.Bama Industrial Chemistry

AURF Partial Support for publication in peer reviewed Journals
Sl. No. Name of the faculty Department Name of the Journal
1 Dr.K.Pandimadevi,  Associate Professor Dept. of Biotechnology International Journal “PLOS ONE”

AURF Research Fellowship – Scheme I:
Sl. No. Reg. No. Name of the Scholar Discipline
1 1659 Ms.S.Soniya Management
2 1656 Mr.N.Ramar Management
3 1720 Ms.R.Bhuvaneswari Animal Health and Management
4 1714 Ms.J.Archana Zoology
5 1677 Ms.G.Savithiri Physics
6 1730 Mr.K.Raja Economics
7 1701 Mr.Arava Suman Kumar Physical Education
8 1668 Mr.K.Sundararajan Physical Education
9 1693 Mr.M.Arul Kumar International Business
10 1684 Ms.N.Annalakshmi Education
11 1740 M.Monicka Education
12 1777 Silamboli Special Education
13 1782 S.Rajendran Management
14 1818 B.Vimala Commerce
15 1785 T.Priyanka Commerce
16 1807 R.Kalidass History
17 1440 A.Sarathkumar English
18 1487 P.Alaguraja English
19 1739 S.Sabeena Begam Mathematics

AURF Research Fellowship – Scheme II:
Sl. No. Reg. No. Name of the Scholar Discipline
1 1424 MR.D.Jayabalan Biotechnology
2 1428 Mr.M.Vinoth Corporate Secretaryship
3 1532 Ms.M.Soundarya Bank Management
4 1635 Ms.Adyasa Barik Microbiology
5 1421 Mr.V.Abdul Salahudeen Commerce
6 1497 Ms.R.Karkuzhali Chemistry
7 1436 Mr.B.Saravanakumar Physics
8 1475 Ms.S.Suriya Prabha Mathematics
9 1409 Mr.A.Vignesh Management
10 1481 Ms.M.Divya Zoology
11 1419 Mr.K.Alaguraja Physical Education
12 1620 Ms.M.Yazhini Prabha Zoology
13 1612 Ms.G.Kalpana Commerce
14 1555 Ms.P.Nivetha Management
15 1524 Mr.T.Boobalan Microbiology
16 1601 Mr.P.Saravanan Education
17 1572 Ms.S.Geetha Women’s Studies
18 1564 Ms.P.Nithya Chemistry
19 1528 Mr.M.Shivasubramanian Tamil
20 1529 Mr.M.Karuppiah Physics
21 1632 Ms.N.Geetha Computer Science
22 1558 Mr.M.Santhosh Kumar Physical Education

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Research Scholars

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Contact us

Dr. A. Narayanamoorthy
Dean (Research)
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Tel : +91 4565 223155 / 228085
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