Assistant Professor

Department of Tourism and Hotel Management

Alagappa University is running a canteen for students in a hygiene environment with very cheaper price. The area of the canteen is 2,200sq.ft. and sufficient supporting staff are working for the students in the cafeteria. The canteen is coordinated by a Faculty Member as the Coordinator with additional responsibility, so that to get students' feedback about the cafeteria quality. There are separate cabins for faculty members and students and for common usage. . The dining halls and rooms are fully supplemented with water, toilet, A/C and furniture facilities. The kitchen and service area are also provided with appealing facilities. The cafeteria is properly drained through the drainages under proper waste management arrangements. The cafeteria price list is highly visible to the customers. The cafeteria is serving to the students with utmost sincerity.

Admin Block Canteen - Entrance

Admin Block Canteen

Admin Block Canteen- Staff Area

Admin Block Canteen

Management Block Canteen

Science Block Canteen