Prof. N. Rajendran


Professor N. Rajendran has 34 years of rich experience in teaching and research in the area of History. He has been the founder Director of Bharathidasan School of Management (2016-2017) and Centre for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Studies (2007-2008) at Bharathidasan University. He also served as the Director of Centre for Distance Education (2014-15), Dean-Faculty of Arts (2008-2015) and Co-ordinator for RUSA scheme (2014-2016) in the same University.

In his acclaimed academic career, Professor Rajendran has received many academic accolades and awards. He has been honoured with the prestigious Membership (2008-2015) in the Indian Council of Historical Research (one among 18 historians all over India), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. He has also been a member of the UGC-Review Committee for Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) of University of Calcutta (UC) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Prof. Rajendran served as the General Secretary of the Tamil Nadu History Congress for 10 years (2007-2017), and also the General Secretary of the South Indian History Congress (2015-2017). He is the only academician to hold this prestigious position of General Secretary of two premier history associations simultaneously.

He has produced 20 Ph.Ds, guided more than 100 M.Phil scholars and published 65 research articles in various national and international peer reviewed journals of reputation including EPW and Sage Publication Journals. He has also contributed academic articles in The Hindu, Indian Express and Frontline.

As an eminent historian and a prolific writer, Prof. Rajendran has published and edited 12 books. National Movement in Tamil Nadu: Agitational Politics and State Coercion 1905-1914 (Oxford University Press-1994), is a unique research book, and the magnum opus of all his writings, in which he has challenged the very thesis and ideas of the Cambridge historians. He has been honoured with the “Citation of Meritorious Achievement” by Cambridge University. Besides, he has received the Best Tamil Book Award and honoured with the title “Sindanai Peroli” for his book Tamil Naatil Desiyam and Swadesiyam (Tamil) in 2003. He served as the Coordinator of Dictionary of Martyrs: India’s Freedom Struggle (1857-1947), Southern Region- an ICHR project.

Prof. Rajendran has delivered 170 lectures as resource person and invited speaker for academic programmes, including UGC Refresher and Orientation courses, Training Programmes and Endowment Lectures. He has presented 162 research papers in various national and international seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences.

As a member of the Research Board, Prof. Rajendran has been instrumental in shaping the curriculum of a number of universities like Bharathidasan University, Periyar University, Thiruvalluvar University, and Tamil Nadu Open University. He also served as a member in the Board of Studies in various Colleges and Universities across India and a member of IQAC at Bharathidasan University.

He has successfully organised 10 UGC Refresher Courses and more than 65 national and international level conferences and seminars, sponsored by UGC, ICHR and TANSCHE.

With his academic credibility and leadership quality, Prof. Rajendran has provided clean and transparent administration in every position he has occupied so far, which has been highly appreciated by the academia.

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