Broad Based Board of Studies 2019-2020 for the University Departments
Sl. No.Name of the DepartmentList of BOSAction
1Department of TamilM.A., Tamil
2Department of English and Foreign LanguagesM.A., English
3Department of Fine ArtsBFA (Painting),
BPA (Music),
BPA (Bharathanatyam),
MPA (Music),
MPA (Bharathanatyam)
4Department of Women StudiesM.A., (Gender Studies),
M.A., Integrated Home Science

5Department of Social WorkM.S.W., (Social Work)
6Department of Economics and Rural DevelopmentM.A., Economics
7Department of HistoryM.A., History
8Department of Library and Information ScienceM.Lib.I.Sc
9Department of MathematicsM.Sc., Maths
10Department of PhysicsM.Sc., Physics
11Department of Bioelectronics and BiosensorsM.Sc., Material Science
12Department of Industrial ChemistryM.Sc ., Chemistry
13Department of Nanoscience and TechnologyM.Sc., Nanoscience,
M.Sc.,Chemistry (specialization Nanoscience & Technology)

14Department of Energy ScienceM.Sc Energy Science
15Department of Computer ScienceM.Sc., Computer Science
16Department of Computer ApplicationM.C.A
17Department of Computational LogisticsM.Sc (Information Technology)
18Department of BiotechnologyM.Sc., Biotechnology
19Department of Animal Health and ManagementM.Sc., Zoology
20Department of BioinformaticsM.Sc., Bioinformatics
21Department of BotanyM.Sc., Botany
22Department of MicrobiologyM.Sc., Microbiology
23Department of Biomedical SciencesM.Sc., Biomedical Science
24Department of Oceanography and Coastal Area StudiesM.Sc., Oceanography and Coastal Area Studies,
M.Sc., Marine Biology (5 years Integrated)
25Department of GeologyM.Sc., Applied Geology
26Department of Fisheries ScienceM.Sc., Fishery Science
27Alagappa Institute of ManagementM.B.A., General
28Department of Logistics ManagementM.B.A., Logistics Management
29Department of International BusinessM.B.A., International Business
30Department of CommerceM.Com
31Department of Corporate SecretaryshipM.B.A., Corporate Secretaryship
32Department of Banking ManagementM.B.A., Banking and Insurance
33Department of Tourism and Hotel ManagementB.Sc., Catering Science & Hotel Management,
MBA., Tourism Management

34Department of EducationM.Ed., Education
35Alagappa University College of EducationB.Ed.,
36Department of Physical Education and Health SciencesM.Sc., Yoga
37Alagappa University College of Physical EducationB.P.Ed.,
B.Sc., Physical Education
38Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation ScienceB.Ed Special Education & Visual Impairment
B.Ed., Special Education & Mental Retardation
M.Ed., Special Education & Visual Impairment
M.SC., Applied Psychology
39Alagappa Institute of Skill DevelopmentB.Voc., Fashion Technology,
B.Voc., Software Development,
M.Voc., Fashion Technology,
M.Voc., Software Development
40Department of Politics and Public AdministrationM.A., Public Administration
41Department of Disaster ManagementM.B.A., Disaster Management
42Department of Theatre and Film studiesM.A., Theatre and Film Studies
43Centre for Yoga EducationB.Sc., Yoga
44Department of Journalism and Mass CommunicationM.A., Journalism and Mass communication