Department of Education

About Department of Education, DDE

The Department of Education, DDE was established in November 2017. It is a full-fledged Teaching and Research Department. At Present, the Department is offering M.A. Education and M.A. Child Care & Education and B. Ed., (with NCTE approval) programmes through distance mode. The Department is also offering Doctor of Philosophy- Education degree through regular full-time/part-time mode. One of the major focuses is to develop the skills and competencies of the in-service teachers in order to make teaching and learning more effective at school level.Both major and minor research projects are in progress with financial support from various funding agencies.

Focus of the Department

  • Preparation for higher education and professional education.
  • Providing proper training to student-teachers.
  • To provide quality of education to the teachers to teach the subjects of specialisation on the basis of the accepted principles of learning and teaching.
  • Development of social,national integration and consolidation of democratic way of life.
  • Striving to build character by cultivating social, moral and spiritual values.
  • Training in citizenship and rational thinking.
  • To improve the teaching, research and extension activities.
  • To develop technical and social skills and values.

Faculty Name List

Name of the Staff Designation Department Profile
Dr.P. Sivakumar Professor and Head Education
Dr. S. Leo Stanly Professor Education
Dr. M. Vasimalairaja Professor Education
Dr. AR. Saravanakumar Assistant Professor Education
Mr. G. P. Raja Assistant Professor Education
Dr. S. Malathi Assistant Professor Education
Dr. K. Krishnamoorthy Assistant Professor Education