Department of Banking Management

Banks, as financial intermediaries act as catalysts for economic growth. the success of bank no doubt, depends upon efficiency of human resources. as such, injecting professionalism into the organizational setup of banks was pronounced as one of the major objectives of the first phase of nationalization of banks in India in 1969. but the objectives could not be fulfilled in toto even after three decades of nationalization. One of the important reasons for this problem was the inability of banks to identify rights persons with specialized knowledge in the field of banking for recruitment at various levels. Academic institutions, the main supplier of personnel, confined themselves to exposing learners on traditional and legal aspects of banking in their curriculum; specialized courses in banking enabling the students to acquire knowledge about contemporary banking were lacking. In this background the Department of Banking Management was establishment in Alagappa University, Karaikudi in 1989.

Discipline, Perfection and Dynamism are the watch words of the Department. Learners are fine –turned to face challenges of the ever growing financial sector through hands on experience duly supported by the needed theoretical edifice. The distinguished track record of the Alumni speaks for the academic credentials of the department.


Paves way for excellence in banking & insurance education and research through.

  • Imparting theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to the students on various aspects of banking and insurance.
  • Enabling the youngsters to get placement opportunities in the booming financial sector.
  • Widening the research horizons in the field of banking and insurance.
  • Creating university – industry – society linkages.

The Department offered a Post –Graduate program in Banking Management titled as Master of Banking Management (MBM) till 2004-2005. In turn with the environmental changes, from the academic year 2005-2006 the Department offers a unique 4 semester MBA programme in banking and insurance. In order to enrich banking research, the Department also offers M.Phil and Ph.D programme in Banking Management through part time and full time modes. MBA (Banking and Finance) is offered through the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE), Alagappa University.

S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr.K.Alamelu Professor and Head
2 Dr. R. Alamelumangai Professor
3 Dr. C. Yogalakshmi Professor
4 Dr. G.Parimalarani Professor
5 Dr. B.Sudha Professor
Programmes Offered
  • M.B.A. (Banking & Insurance)
  • M. Phil., (Banking Management)
  • Ph. D. (Banking Management)
M.B.A.(Banking & Insurance)

Program objectives

  • To provide a managerial orientation to the students by exposing them to the different functional areas of management.
  • To impart theoretical knowledge to the students on various aspects of banking and insurance.
  • To give practical exposure to the learners on the dynamic dimensions of banking and insurance.
  • To enhance the employability skills of the students through various co-curricular and extra curricular activities.


Any degree from a recognized university

Selection Procedure

Written test, Group Discussion and Interview plus percentage of mark in qualifying Degree.

Programme structure

  • Spread over to Four semesters
  • 32 Courses in total
  • Compulsory 45 working days training is a scheduled bank as internship
  • Compulsory project work and Viva-Voce examination
  • Comprehensive Viva at the end of each semester

Program Structure and Scheme of Examinations

I Semester Course Title Credits CIA Marks ESE Marks Total Marks
Course Code
632101 Core Courses
Management Concepts
3 25 75 100
632102 Business Environment 3 25 75 100
632103 Financial and Management Accounting 3 25 75 100
632104 Organizational Behaviour 4 25 75 100
632105 Managerial Economics 3 25 75 100
632601 Comprehensive Viva Voce-I 1 - - 100
632701 Inter Disciplinary
Information Technology for Business
3 25 75 100
  Total 20 150 450 700
II Semester Course Title Credits CIA Marks ESE Marks Total Marks
Course Code
632201 Core Courses
Business Research Methodology
3 25 75 100
632202 Business Law 3 25 75 100
632203 Practice of Commercial Banking 4 25 75 100
632204 Monetary Management 4 25 75 100
632205 Banking Law [B&I] 4 25 75 100
632206 Financial Management 4 25 75 100
632602 Comprehensive Viva Voce-II 1 - - 100
632702 Inter-disciplinary Courses:
Introduction to Insurance
2 25 75 100
  Total 25 175 525 800
III Semester Course Title Credits CIA Marks ESE Marks Total Marks
Course Code
632301 Core Courses
Financial Services
3 25 75 100
632302 Life Assurance 3 25 75 100
632303 Foreign Exchange 4 25 75 100
632304 Marketing of Banking Services 4 25 75 100
632305 Credit Management 4 25 75 100
632306 Fire Insurance 3 25 75 100
632777 Training cum Project Report 3 - - 100
632603 Comprehensive Viva-Voce – III 1 - - 100
COM001 Employability Enhancement Practices(Extra Credit) 2 25 75 100
  Total 27 175 525 900
IV Semester Course Title Credits CIA Marks ESE Marks Total Marks
Course Code
632401 Core Courses
Risk Management
3 25 75 100
632402 Marine Insurance 3 25 75 100
632403 Motor Insurance 3 25 75 100
632404 Executive Communication 3 25 75 100
632405 E-Banking 3 25 75 100
632406 Rural Banking 4 25 75 100
632604 Comprehensive Viva-Voce-IV 1 - - 100
  Total 20 150 450 700

The following Elective Courses will be offered from 2017-2018


  • Cooperative Banking - II Semester.
  • Health Insurance / E-CRM / Retail Banking – III Semester.
  • Financial Derivatives/ Microfinance / International Banking and Finance–IV Semester.
M.Phil.(Banking Management)

Program objectives

  • To enhance the research aptitude of the research scholars
  • To familiarize the scholars with the modern research techniques.
  • To orient the scholars to solve business problems through research analytics.
  • To enhance the level of critical thinking of the researchers to make perfect business decisions.


A candidate with Postgraduate degree in commerce, International Business, Business Administration, Banking Management, Corporate Secretaryship, Insurance Management, Economics, Agriculture Economics, Cooperation, Foreign Trade or any related discipline are eligible to apply.

The minimum eligibility criterion for marks in PG degree is:

  • 50% of marks for SC/ST/Physically or Visually challenged candidates
  • 55% of marks for all others

Selection Procedure

A candidate eligible must take up the Entrance Examination conducted commonly for all candidates by the University.

The question paper patterned on Multiple Choice Objective Type has both common part comprising Test to Language Skills and Test of Quantitative Aptitude each carrying 25% weightage and the Subject Knowledge carrying 50% weightage.

Ranking of candidates is based on the marks obtained in the Entrance Examination and the Qualifying PG degree marks with 50:50 weightage. Provisional selection is done adopting community quota as per guidelines of the State Government.

Programme structure

The M.Phil. programme comprises of two parts. The part – I comprises Paper I, II & III that are common for all the candidates, paper – IV is specialization of the respective disciplines. Part – II is the dissertation and Viva-Voce. The dissertation shall relate to Indian / Global perspectives in various functional areas of Banking / Corporate / Commerce / Management domains.


(Under Choice-Based Credit System)


(With effect from the academic year 2013-14)

  Code Paper CIA Marks ESE Marks Total Marks Min. Pass Marks Credits
I Semester
Paper I 681101 Business Research Methods 25 75 100 50 6
Paper II 681102 Techniques of Research 25 75 100 50 6
Paper III 681103 Professional Competencies* 75 25 100 50 6
II Semester
Paper IV 681104 Principles & practice of banking & insurance 25 75 100 50 6
Part-II 681999 Dissertation 150 & Viva-Voce 50 -- -- 200 100 12
Part-II 681999 Dissertation 150 & Viva-Voce 50 -- Total 600 300 36

The Third Course involves rigorous CIA with 75 marks and the ESE comprising of Comprehensive Viva-Voce carrying 25 marks. The CIA would include, besides those prescribed for other courses, Periodical Competency Revelation Presentations to enhance the Competencies on General Awareness, Computer and Internet, Classroom Communication and Pedagogical Skills.

A student must secure a minimum of 10 marks in the Viva-Voce and 30 marks in the CIA and put together a total of 50 marks out of 100 marks to get a pass. For this paper there is no University written examination, only based on Viva – Voce. The Viva-Voce will be conducted by a Panel of three members comprising the Head of the Department, One External Examiner and the Faculty in Charge.

The Fourth Course depends on Programme Specialization and is Banking Management for the students who have opted their specialization as Banking Management.

Credits: Each student should earn 36 credits to complete the program.


  • Normally a student must secure a minimum of 80% attendance to become eligible to take the End-Semester-Examination (ESE) in a course. However, condoning of shortage of attendance may be granted on genuine medical grounds upto a maximum of 10% of the contact days. For this purpose, the student must, immediately upon returning to class after the period of illness, apply for condoning of shortage, submitting valid medical certificate(s) from registered medical practitioner(s) through his/her Advisor to the Head of the Department (HOD), who will decide upon the application for condoning of shortage of attendance. Medical certificates submitted on the eve of the ESE will not be accepted.
  • If a student who has no genuine medical grounds and has earned 70% or more but less than 80% of attendance in a course in a semester that student will be debarred from the ESE in that course in that semester. However the student may take the ESE when offered in a later semester.
  • If a student has earned less than 70% attendance, that student will be debarred from the ESE in that course and the statement of grades will read IA (Inadequate Attendance) against that course. Such a student must repeat that course when offered in a later semester. Attendance in a course will always be reckoned from the day of joining the course to the last day of the course.

Redoing of a Course or Courses

A student who has been debarred from the ESE for lack of attendance must repeat the Course at a later semester, paying the prescribed fees for the course. No student will be permitted to repeat a course or reappear for a CIA test or an ESE for improvement of Grade Points. A student, who has fulfilled all the course requirements but has not been able to take the ESE alone, can take the same at a later semester. A student who has failed in an ESE need take only the ESE in that course when it is next offered. Such students need pay only the fee for ESE of the course.

Students interested in redoing of course(s) have to get prior official permission for the same by applying to the Registrar through the HOD on or before 5th July (for redoing of Odd Semester Courses) or 5th December (for Even Semester Courses) every year.

A student may be permitted to break his/her study on valid grounds. Such break of study shall be entertained only if the student has completed at least two semesters of study. Fro availing break of study, the student has to apply to the Registrar along with the recommendations of the Class Advisor and the HOD in the format prescribed enclosing documentary evidence(s) as a proof for his/her claim for break of study and after paying prescribed fee. Un-authorized break of study will not be permitted under any circumstances. Break of study will be permitted subject to the formalities of readmission as well as the availability of courses to be completed and the examination norms.


Assessment of the students will be two-fold consisting of Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and End Semester Examination (ESE). The ratio between CIA and ESE will normally be 25:75.

a. Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA): The CIA marks shall be awarded based on the following:

Assessment components Courses I, II & III Course IV
Scores of two internal tests 15 Marks 30 Marks
Seminar/ Assignment/ Quiz/Class Works 10 Marks 20 Marks
Competency Revelation Presentations -- 25 Marks
Total 25 Marks 75 Marks

b. End Semester Examination (ESE): Except in the case of Project-work/ Summer Placement Training and exclusively practical/ field placement courses, the ESE will consist of a written examination of three hours duration reckoned for a maximum 75 marks. The answer papers shall be evaluated by two examiners- internal and External.

Pattern of Question Paper

Section No. of Questions to be Asked No. of Questions to be Answered Marks per Question Total Marks
I 6 6 3 18
II 6 4 6 24
III 3 (Either Or type) 3 11 33
Total 75

For Research Methodology Techniques, 2/3 of the questions shall be problems.

c. Research Guide: Each candidate will be allotted a Research Guide from among the Faculty Members of the Department by the Department concerned.

d. Submission of Dissertation: A candidate has to prepare and submit a scholarly dissertation by the end of the Second Semester on a socially and economically relevant research problem, pertaining to his discipline and specialization, under the guidance of a Research Guide. The Research Work must be original and independent one of the candidate and the same has to be supported by a declaration, in the format prescribed by the University, by the candidate and duly certified by the Research Guide. There should not be any plagiarism. Two copies of the dissertation must be submitted by a candidate to the Head of the Department, duly signed by the Research Guide.

e. Evaluation of Dissertation: The dissertation shall be evaluated by two examiners, of whom one will be the Research Guide and the other appointed by the University from a panel submitted by the Head of the Department. The Dissertation carries 150 marks.

f. Viva Voce: Candidates whose dissertations are approved by the examiners securing, at least the minimum pass marks, will be called for the Viva Voce. The Board of Viva Voce shall comprise the Research Guide, the Head of the Department/ a senior faculty member of the Department. The Viva Voce carries 50 marks

11. Time Extension for Submission of Dissertation: Extension for submission of dissertation shall be granted as per the University norms and conditions.

12. Passing Minimum Marks: The minimum for marks in the CIA and ESE shall be 40%, in each, but an aggregate minimum of 50% marks putting together the Continuous Internal Assessment marks and University End Semester Examination marks needed for a pass. A candidate should have secured 50% in Dissertation and Viva Voce to get a pass.

13. Classification of Candidates

  • If a candidate secures 60% and above in both Part I and Part II put together, he/she is deemed to have passed in First Class.
  • If a candidate secures 50% and above but less than 60% in both the parts put together, he/she is deemed to have passed in Second Class.
  • If a candidate secures less than 50% in both the parts put together, he/she is deemed to have failed.

14. Reappearance by Failed Candidates: A candidate who fails in any course / courses may appear for the examination again in that course / courses as per University rules.

15. Completion of the Program: A candidate has to complete the program within 3 years from the completion of the duration of program, failing which the candidate’s registration will stand automatically cancelled and the candidate has to register afresh, the candidate wants to pursue the program.

16. Award of the M.Phil Degree: A student will be declared to be eligible for the award of a Degree if he/she has:

Registered for and undergone all the courses under the different parts of the curriculum of his/her program.

There are no dues to the University, Hostel, NSS, Library Clubs, Associations etc from the candidate. and No disciplinary action is pending against him/her.

17. Other Regulations: Besides the above, the common regulations of the University shall also be applicable to this program

3. Ph.D.(Banking Management):

Program objectives

  • To widen the research horizons in the field of banking and insurance.
  • To encourage practitioners to undertake higher order level of research so as to solve the practical problems of the industry.
  • To build strong linkages with the industry.
  • To enable the researchers to develop innovative business strategies through research.

A) Eligibility

  • Post Graduate in Commerce/ International Business / Business Administration / Banking Management / Corporate Secretaryship/Banking and Insurance / Economics / Agriculture Economics /Cooperation /Foreign Trade / Any related discipline.
  • Any Degree with ACA/FCA
  • Any Degree with Grad CWA/ AICWA / FICWA
  • Any Degree with ACS/FCS
  • Any PG Degree with CAIIB

(B) Post Graduate Qualifying Degree Marks

  • 50% of Marks for those who got P.G. degree prior to 1-1-1991.
  • 50% of Marks for SC/ST/Physically or visually challenged candidates
  • 55% of Marks –For all others

(C) Clearing the Pre - registration Ph.D.Program Eligibility Entrance Examination

(D) NET (JRF as well as Lectureship)/SET & GATE qualified candidates shall alone be exempted from clearing the Pre-Registration PhD Program Entrance Examination

Selection Procedure

A candidate eligible must take up Pre - registration Ph.D.Program Eligibility Entrance Examination and appear for the viva-voce exam. Programme structure:

Programme structure

MINIMUM M.Phil. Degree Holders: P.G. Degree Holders:
Full Time – 2 years Full Time – 3 years
Part Time – 3 years Part Time – 4 years
MAXIMUM Up to five years from the date of registration
  • Research proposal to be vetted by the Doctorial Research Committee.
  • Course work on Research Methodology and Two courses on the relevant disciplines for PG Degree holders.
  • Course work on Research Methodology and Two courses on the relevant disciplines for M.Phil Degree holders.
  • Progress of work to be presented before the Doctorial Research Committee.
  • Publication of one research paper from the doctorial work.
    Sl. No. Name of the Programmes Action
    1 M.B.A., Banking and Insurance
Fee Structure
M.B.A.- Banking & Insurance
Programme Fees (Rs.)
Tuition fee including 8,000
Computer Lab Fee Rs. 1,000
SPL Fee Rs. 2,000
Other Fees Rs. 1,000
Special Lecture & Industrial Visit 1,000
First year Total fee Rs. 13,000
Second year Total fee Rs. 12,000
M.Phil - Banking Management
Sl.No Fees Annual Payments (Rs.)
1 Tuition Fee 4,000
2 Special Fee 2,000
3 Other Fee 1,000
Total 7,000
Semester wise payment(Rs.)
1 1st Semester 5,000
2 2nd Semester 2,100
Total 7,100

Students of the Department have access to the Central Library of the University which has stacked a variety of books on banking & insurance. Students can also visit the faculty library in the School of Management which has an exclusive collection of books and journals on different aspects of Management. The Department subscribes to 9 journals & magazines so as to help the students to gain prompt updation of latest trends in the field of Banking & Insurance.


The Department has two spacious smart class rooms accoutered with interactive boards, LCDs, public address system and internet connectivity.


24x7 net connectivity is available in the Management Campus. All students can sharpen their technology skills by utilizing the centralized computer network in Management Campus. The computer centre, manned by competent technical professionals ensures a smooth journey of e-learning for the students.

Details of Research Projects
Completed Projects
S. No. Principal Investigator Project Title Period From Period To Funding Agency Amount
(in lakhs)
1. Dr.S.Annamalai A study on Household savings & investment in sivaganga district     Canara Bank chair UGC 0.056
2 Dr.R.Alamelumangai Problems of Rural Banking  - A study with reference to Pasumpon Thevar Thirumagan District 1994 1995 UGC 0.05
3 Dr.S.Annamalai(PI)

Dr. R.Alamelumangai

Technology in banking industry and customer service in Sivaganga District (co-investigator) 2009 2010 AURF (Alagappa University Research Fund) 0.60
4 Dr.K.Alamelu Technology as a tool for inclusive growth 2010 2012 AURF (Alagappa University Research Fund) 0.20
5 Dr.R.Alamelumangai Bank Credit to Agriculture in Sivaganga District: An analysis 2010 2012 AURF (Alagappa University Research Fund) 0.20
6 Dr.B.Sudha Application of CAMEL Model in analyzing the profitability of Commercial Banks in India 2013 2014 UGC 0.65
Ongoing Projects
S. No. Principal Investigator Project Title Period From Period To Funding Agency Amount
(in lakhs)
1 Dr.G.Jayabal “Impact of Agricultural credit on agricultural productivity and the standard  of living of farmers in Tamil Nadu” 2010 2012 UGC 3.90
2 Dr.C.Yogalakshmi A study on Pattern and Composition of Rural Household Savings in sivaganga District 2010 2012 AURF 0.20
3 Dr.K.Alamelu A Study on Digital Inclusion in Tamil Nadu 2011 2013 UGC 4.40
4 Dr.G.Jayabal “A study on the entrepreneurial ambition of the final year students of MBA program of Alagappa University, Karaikudi” 2011 2013 AURF 0.20
5 Dr.G.Parimalarani Savings and Investment Pattern of Teaching  Faculty in the Affiliated Colleges of Alagappa University 2016 2018 AURF 0.40
AURF Inter-departmental Research:

Bank Management and Commerce – Customers’ awareness on Green Banking in selected public sector banks in tamil nadu. Year 2016-17 – Rs.3,00,00

  • Funded projects : 13
  • AURF funded : 07
  •  UGC-Funded MRP : 04
  •  ICSSR Funded : 01 (Rs.7.00 lakh)
  • AURF Inter-Departmental Research Project : 01(Rs. 3.00 lakh)
  • All faculty members are research supervisors.
  • Vetting of research proposals by Department Doctoral Research Committee.
Research papers published:
  • Faculty Members : 179
  • Research Scholars : 26
  • Monographs : 07
  • Conference proceedings : 02

Alagappa University Banking Management Alumni Association was formed by the Alumni on 28/01/2017 in the Department. The objective of the Association is to develop the network of Alumni and support the Department in developing its infrastructure and getting placement opportunities for their juniors.

The Association has 12 office bearers with Mr.B.Vasu, Deputy Manager, City Union Bank, Kumbakonam as President and Mr.A.Ananda Raja, Domain Consultant, Tata Consultancy services, Chennai as General Secretary.

Messages from Alumni

R.S. Isabella,
Executive Director / Managing Director (I/c.) Repco Bank.
Email ID:
Contact : 9444388207

I, R.S. Isabella is presently the Executive Director / Managing Director (I/c.) of Repco Bank. I take pride that I am an Alumni of Alagappa University and owe a tremendous gratitude to the Department of Banking Management. I am what I am today only because of my alumnus. It may not be surprising when I say that I am nostalgic about the times I spent in the University. Those days are the best in my life with evergreen memories.

I wish to express my highest respect and deep gratitude to all my teachers who taught not only curriculum but morals in life, discipline and instilled self-confidence in me. The amount of efforts taken by the lecturers and professors in the Department for placement of students is beyond words. No doubt they are yet another parents who would like to see their sons and daughters achieve success in life. I am so happy to share my feelings with one and all and definitely the students associated with the Department of Management Studies who are a fortunate lot to receive education from here which is par excellence.

My heartiest wishes that the Department of Management Studies continues their yeomen service to build future generation to serve the Society and for the students to make the best use of God given opportunity. Wish you all good luck.

Sankara Muthu Kumar

Dr.S. Sankara Muthu Kumar,
Senior Lecturer
Commercial Studies Division
Bahrain Training Institute
Kingdom of Bahrain
Email ID:
Contact : 9736615395

“‘Alagappa’ is not just a name but it is a remarkable identity in my family as far as education is concerned since 1966. Yes, my father graduated from ACCET in 1966 with BE (Civil), my sister graduated in 1995 with MCA from Alagappa University. I am a proud alumnus of the Depart of Banking Management who graduated with MBM in 1997.

The Department of Banking management, Alagappa University is a part and parcel of my life since last two decades. It is not my choice to be in teaching field, but the department paved way for my career since I joined as a ‘Teaching Assistant’ in 1997. The domain knowledge in the field of banking and finance, the research quest, discipline, personal and professional care from my professors are few among many things that shaped my career that I am enjoying today.

I feel indebted to the department and its staff members forever.

Ananda Raja

A. Ananda Raja,
Domain Consultant – Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
Email ID:
Contact: 7601025330

I’m a proud alumnus of Department of Banking management from Alagappa University, Those 2 critical years (milestone) in the journey of my life I would ever cherish till the very end as I have been reaping its benefit all through. You (we) all come here with an intent to achieve something in your (our) life and believe me you will achieve much - much more from here for the simple fact As this is one unique Management stack with the world’s Best professional Professors that anyone would ever see. Am luckier like you’re to be part of this bigger Banking management family.

The Department of Banking management makes sure that each and every student is ready for the Professional / Financial world and they start it from the very first day. The rigorous schedule, the assignments, seminars, industrial visits, presentations and many other activities prepares everyone like us for the outside world. The interactive learning course curriculum and exposure to speak in front of public, giving presentations and participating in different cultural activity inculcated a lot of potential in me and now I can say all these activities made me a good speaker and developed lots of soft skill in me which I was never preview of.

Today I live a very happy & professional life, travelled to major developed countries all these wouldn’t have been possible if hadn’t studied in this Alagappa University. This department not only educated but did taught the profession and healthy way of living. In simple i wouldn’t have been what am now without this Department of (Banking Management).

I would ever be grateful and always pay my due respect to my beloved Professor’s 1. Dr. RM. Chidambaram, 2. Dr. S. Annamalai, 3.Dr.R. Alamelu Managi, 4. Dr. Alamelu, 5. Dr. C.Yogalakshmi.

Preethi Annamalai

Preethi Annamalai,
Management trainee,
Risk Management,
Shriram city union finance Ltd,
Mylapore, Chennai
Email ID:
Contact: 9047449294

Department of Banking Management, Alagappa University has nurtured me and made me what I am today. I am thankful to my teachers for their guidance, support and the immense knowledge that they shared with me over the course of two years.

My advice to all the prospective students is that aim high, dream big and eventually you will succeed in life. Your education and hardwork will pay off. Remember "if you have the will, the rest will follow". Good luck!!!!


The Department has strong linkages with Public sector and Private sector banks such as Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, State Bank of India, Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank, Punjab National Bank, Pandiyan Grama Bank, Dhanalakshmi Bank, City Union Bank, Karur Visya Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, ICICI etc.. for internship.

The Department has strong linkages with insurance sectors such as Reliance General Insurance company, Royal Sundaram General Insurance, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, HDFC Standard Life Insurance, ICICI prudential Life Insurance, Birla Sun life Insurance etc..


Alumni of the Department are well placed in reputed banks and Non-Banking Financial Intermediaries with a distinguished track record.

On campus and off campus recruitment programmes were organized by the following banks.

  • City Union Bank
  • Karur Vysya Bank
  • Lakshmi Vilas Bank
  • Housing Development Finance Corporation
  • AXIS Bank
  • ICICI (Industrial Credit Investment Corporation of India)
  • Sri Ram City union finance
  • Sundharam finance ect…

(Eight Students of the present final year students have got placed through campus placement)

Photos / Videos