Department of Physical Education and Health Sciences

During the 1960s worldwide, due to the fast development of various subject matter in Physical Education, Universities started Physical Education departments. Following the trend, for the first time in India, a PG Research Department in Physical Education was started in the year 1987 in Alagappa University.

With a grant-in-aid of Rs.50 lakh from the U.G.C, a Yoga Centre was started in the year 1993.

The first department in South India which started short term Re-orientation course in Physical Education to the Ex-serviceman as per the Human Resource Development Ministry guidelines.

In the year 2006-07, the U.G.C recognized the potential of the Department of Physical Education & Health Sciences and elevated it by sanctioning Special Assistant Programme DRS Level-1 with thrust area of Sports Physiotherapy and Yoga with a grant-in-aid of Rs.28 lakh


Department of Physical Education and Health Sciences (DPE&HS) envisions a society in which all individuals enjoy an optimal quality of life through appreciation of and participation in an active and creative, health-promoting lifestyle. DPE&HS is recognized as dynamic role model in the realization of this desired future. Staffs are fully committed to accepting responsibility for continued determination of this future.


Physical Education is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity. However, the mere acquisition of knowledge and skills is not enough. The mission of Physical Education is to empower all individuals to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr.K.Balasubramanian Professor and Head
2 Dr.K.Usha Rani Professor
3 Dr.D.Maniazhagu Associate Professor
4 Dr.V.A.Manickam Assistant Professor
5 Dr.M.Kalaiselvi Assistant Professor
Programmes Offered
  • M. Phil. Regular and Summer Sequential Programmes
  • Ph. D. Regular & Part time
  • Diploma in Yoga
  • P.G Diploma in Yoga
  • Teacher Training Certificate in Yoga
  • Re-Orientation Course for Ex-Serviceman in Physical Education.
M.Phil and P.Hd.
Program objectives:
  • Provide quality Higher Education and make provisions for research.
  • Create higher levels of intellectual abilities among our students.
  • Carry out quality teaching and research for a bright professional career.
  • Provide consultancy to public organisations and the industry.
  • M.Phil. - M.P.Ed., M.P.E.
  • Ph.D. - M.P.Ed., M.P.E. M.Phil.
Selection Procedure
  • Entrance Examination
Programme structure
  • semester – 3 paper
  • II Semester – 1 paper and dissertation
Fee structure
  • M.Phil :
      –    SC/ST – Rs.3000
      –    other – Rs.7000
  • P.Hd :
      –    Regular – Rs.12500
      –    Part time – Rs.15000
      Sl. No. Name of the Programmes Action
      1 M.Sc., Yoga
Fee structure
Programme Fees (Rs.)
Tuition Fee 1500
M.Phil – SC/ST 3000
Other 7000
P.Hd :
Regular 12500
Part time 15000
  • Physiotherapy Lab
      -  EC Laser Therapy
      -  Ultrasound Therapy
      -  Interferential Therapy
      -  Low frequency Therapy
      -  Vacuum Therapy
  • Fitness Lab
      -  Laser Therapy
      -  Treadmill
      -  Ergo Bike
      -  Propel Treadmill with USB Spiro meter
      -  Lactate Analyzer
      -  GSR, Pulse, ECG Bio-feedback Bio-trainer
      -  Vista Vo2 Lab
  • Smart Class.
  • Testing Health related components.
  • Testing pulmonary parameters.
  • Testing body composition.
  • Books (Indian& Foreign )
  • Internet &

Dr.K. Balasubramanian
S. No. Funding Agency Period From Period To Project Title Budget
(Rs. in lakhs)
1 UGC 2009 2010 A Survey on the availability and Utilization
of Physical Education Equipments in higher education levels in Sivagangai District.
2 ICSSR 2012 2014 Role of physical exercise therapy in
enhancing neruo cognition among the students of Alagappa University

Dr. D. Maniazhagu
S. No. Funding Agency Period From Period To Project Title Budget
(Rs. in lakhs)
1 AURF 31-12-2009 28-07-2011 Effects of isolated and combined training of yogic practices and physical exercise on selected physical and physiological variables among rural students .20
2 UGC 1-2-2010 31-01-2012 Effects of varied packages of Yogic practice on health related fitness physiological hematological and bio-chemicals variables among obese women 4.02
3 ICSSR 25-03-2013 31-09-2015 Impact of physical training programmes on health related and pulmonary variables of women students 8.5
S. No. Funding Agency Period From Period To Project Title Budget
(Rs. in lakhs)
1 UGC 18-03-2015 18-03-2017 Effects of isolated and combined effects of aerobic dancing and resistance training on health related, physiological and lipid profile status of type 2 diabetic patients 19.5
S. No. Funding Agency Period From Period To Project Title Budget
(Rs. in lakhs)
1 ICSSR 1-03-2015 15-03-2015 Health States of Alagappa University and Mhaidol University. A comparative study on health related fitness, physiological and psychological parameters 5
Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Dr .A. Angamuthu Former Registrar, Periyar University, Salem.
2 Dr. A. Amul Dass Former Registrar, Controller and Convener at Thiruvalluvar University.
3 Dr. K. Chandrasekaran Profrssor, Department of Physical Education, Madurai Kamaraj University.
4 Dr.K.Murugavel Professor in Director, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore.
  • National Association of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • Hind Agri Society, Muzzarfar Nagar, UP
  • Asian Council of Exercise Science, China
Details of Candidates – 2011-12
S. No: Student’s Name Name of the Institution
1 Arjun. O. N Foreign
2 Balamurugan. P Discontinue
3 Bala Thandapani. R Discontinue
4 Jayabharathi. G Sri saradha matriculation school, Salem
5 Kalidasan. M Dr. Siva Phy.Edn college, Asst Prof
6 Mahendran. M Siddhar college,
7 Manikandan. S Kendra viduloya school, Chennai
8 Nelliyan. M Phy. Training instructor Alagappga polytechnic
9 Nins Peter. P Foreign
10 Sakthivel. M Presidency school, Bangalore north
11 Serjeevi Kannan. P  
12 Saravana Kumar. G Govt Hr., kurinjimalai
13 Sathiya Raj. S  Doing Ph. D
14 Selvadinesh. S Mountzion matriculation school, pudukottai
15 Siva. K. P Kanmevar Engg college, Theni
16 Sivakumar. R Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Pudukottai
17 ThavasiLingam. K Syed Ammed college of Srts & science, kilakarai
18 Velayutham. G Govt. Hr. School, pampur
19 Vigneshkumar. A Raja ramasamy hr. sec. school, Sankar nagar
Details of Candidates – 2012-13
S. No: Student's Name Name of the Institution
1 Amalraj. P  
2 Ambili Raghavan  
3 Arulveda Muthu. M  
4 Balasubramaniyan. K Discontinue
5 Deepthi. T Cricket Academy, Trichy
6 Dinesh. V Karpaga vinayagam school, pudukottai
7 Ezhilvanan. K Govt. Hr. Sec. School, solaiyammal
8 Kalaiselvan. M Business
9 Karuvalagan. B Education of sports, Chennai
10 Murugesan. V Doing Ph. D
11 Muthuraja. C Doing Ph. D
12 Neenu. O. P Doing Ph. D
13 Pandi. K Abroad
14 Prabhu. P Bharath matriculation school, Thiruvarur
15 Pugalendi. P Koviloor Andevar college, koviloor
16 Sathish Kumar. S Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Ammapettai
17 Solaimalairajesh. S PET, Mountzion school, pudukottai
18 Vadivel. G. R Doing Ph. D
19 Vasanthalakshmi. J Presidency school, Bangalore north
20 Velmurugan. G Railway school zalarpet, Chennai
21 Virumandi. L  
Details of Candidates – 2013-14
S. No: Student's Name Name of the Institution
1 Balamurugan. S Neelan matriculation Hr. Sec. School, Thiruvarur
2 Karthik. M Sri saraswathi Engg college, pollachi
3 Perumal. S  
4 Raman. A Business
5 Sakthivel. K Om sakthi polytechnic college, Melapalayam
6 Thennavan. M Joseph matriculation Hr. Sec. School, Sangarankovil
Details of Candidates – 2014-15
S. No: Student's Name Name of the Institution
1 Arya. A Physical Education Teacher, Palakkadu
2 Balamurugan. K Discontinue
3 Balasubramanian. V Discontinue
4 Joshy.P.J Doing Ph. D
5 Kala. R PET, Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Aranthangi
6 Mohammed Ilias. A  
7 Palanipriya. P PSAR girls school, Rajapalayam
8 PandiaRajan. M Sri  Rajarajan engg college, karaikudi
9 Pandiyan. P Sankara vidhyalaiya Matriculation school, Kanchipuram
10 Paraman. A JK B.Ed college, Vethampur, Dindugal
11 Prasanna. R. K Business
12 Prathesh Franis. O. L NSS college, Irungikuda
13 Sankara Sekar. M  
14 Sinoj Joseph Doing Ph. D
Details of Candidates – 2015-16
S. No: Student's Name Name of the Institution
1 Anu. S. S Joseph Matriculation Hr. School, Arumanai, Thiruvanthapuram
2 Desmonds Tudu  
3 Jijo Mathai Sarvodaye Hr. Sec. School, Eathome, Kerala
4 KalayanaSundaram. K Doing Ph. D
5 Kannadasan. R  
6 Karthikeyan. P PKN Arts & Science college, Thirumangalam
7 Krishnamoorthi  
8 Lakshmanan. G  
9 Mohanraj. K Dr.Sivanthi Athithanar college of Physical Education
10 Muneer. P Doing Ph. D
11 Pappathi. T Phy. Training instructor Police Battalian, Avadi Comp
12 Pichaikani Rathanam Arts & Science College, Eachanari, Coimbatore
13 Premkumar. R Sri Saibharath Arts & Science college, Vedanchanthur, Dindugal
14 Ragupathy. A Sakthi vidhalaiya Matriculation School, Viruthunagar
15 Raj kumar. M  
16 Ranga Rao Peddi  
17 Sali. KS  
18 Sasipriya. V  
19 Sethuraj. G  
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