Alagappa University College of Education

Welcome to our College

The great Philanthropist Dr.RM.Alagappa Chettiar started a Training College on 07.07.1950 at Karaikudi. Later it became the constituent college of the Alagappa University and was named as Alagappa University College of Education.. It provides cent percent results with the hard work of the teaching and learning communities. The institution has so far produced more than 7000 teachers, majority of them are employed in the Government, Government -aided and Matriculation Schools of Tamilnadu. There are best teacher awardees among them and a few have turned notable heads of the institutions. In the year 2010-2011, the Alagappa University College of Education has introduced B.Ed. Special Education programme with an intake of 25 students, granted by the University Grants Commission under innovative program. This college of education is also acting as Learning Centre for B.Ed. programmes of IGNOU and ALU-DDE.

The College functions with highly qualified, competent and well-trained faculty members who have expertise in their respective fields who employ modern pedagogical techniques to promote the students’ skills.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision of the college is to provide quality education and to motivate achievement of excellence in every field of life.

Our Highlights
  • Alagappa Training College was started outside Madras by the philanthropist, Vallal Padmabhushan Dr. RM. ALAGAPPA CHETTIAR.
  • Inaugurated by Dr.C.Ramachandra Reddy, a great Educationist.
  • Pioneer College of Education in the South (67 years old)
  • First College in South to sign MOU with Teachers College Columbia, USA in 1950
  • Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, presided over the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Alagappa Institutions in 1973.
  • Access to all types of Schools in the vicinity (KV, Matric, State Board, Central Board & Special Schools)
  • Access to higher educational courses like M.Ed., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in the same campus
  • The faculty members are undertaking major/minor research projects in their own specialization.
  • The sanctioned student strength of the college is 100 for B.Ed. and 50 for M.Ed. programmes
S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. P. SIVAKUMAR Professor and Principal i/c
2 Dr. J.E. Merlin Sasikala Assistant Professor of Education
3 Dr.C. Anbuchelvan Assistant Professor of Commerce
4 Dr. A.Pio Albina Assistant Professor of Mathematics
5 Dr. M. Parimala Fathima Assistant Professor of Physical Science
6 Dr. M. Suganthi Assistant Professor of Tamil
7 Dr. R. Portia Assistant Professor of Education
8 Dr. J.Jayachithra Assistant Professor of Education
9 Dr. M.Sanmuga Revathi Assistant Professor of Education
10 Dr. G.Sivakumar Assistant Professor of Education
11 Dr. G.Rajeswari Assistant Professor of Biological Science
12 Mr. I.Lenin Assistant Professor of Education
13 Dr. A.Rube Jesintha Assistant Professor of Physical Education
14 Mrs. E.M.N.Sharmila Arts and Craft Instructor
Programmes Offered
  • B.Ed.
  • M.Ed.
  • Ph.D. (F.T & P.T)
Fee Structure
Programme First Year Second Year
B.Ed. For SC/ST candidates  - Rs 4500
For other candidates    - Rs 18500
For SC/ST candidates  - Rs 3500
For other candidates    - Rs 17500
M.Ed. For SC/ST candidates  - Rs 4000
For other candidates    - Rs 15000
For SC/ST candidates  - Rs 3000
For other candidates    - Rs 14000
  • Multipurpose Hall equipped with Interactive Board, LCD Projector, Over Head Projector, Video Conferencing and Magnetic Green Board,
  • Edu-Techno –Studio: Still Camera, Video Camera fixed LCD projector, Laptop, Public Addressing System with Audio Mixer Recorder and 30 computers managed with a server.
  • Language Laboratory: Online resources for language, practice and skill acquisition, personality and soft skills development, movies and educational CD-ROMs.
  • Art and Crafts Room: Glass Painting, Tanjure Painting, Emboss Painting, Improvised TLM, Models-working and nonworking, Puppets, Handmade things, Flowers, Paper Folding and Cutting Measurement chart, cutting model chart, different flowers, Flannel board Hand made Flower vase. Object out of broken things, knitting objects.
  • Indoor Games: Table Tennis, Chess and Carom Board.
  • Outdoor Games: Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Hockey, Basket Ball, Ball Badminton, Tennis, Kho-Kho, Kabadi and Cricket.
  • Central and Digital Library
  • Resource Centre for the Differently Abled
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Central Auditorium
  • Hostels: The Hostel provides a whole some atmosphere for living and learning. The hostels have separate hygienic mess halls a reading room supplemented with English and Tamil dailies, Magazines and Employment news. There is enough space for undertaking sports and Games activities.
  • Playgrounds
  • Health Centre
  • Bank
  • Canteen
B.Ed., Programme
S.NO ROOMS SIZE (sq.ft) TOTAL (sq.ft)
1 Principal Room 16x20 320
2 Administrative Office Room 6x6 36
4 Class Room - I 38.5x20 770
5 Class Room - II 20x30 600
6 Class Room III 20x20 400
7 Lab - Biological Science 20x20 400
8 Class Room IV 56x19 1064
9 Lab - Physical Science 38x19 722
10 Class Room V 19x20 380
11 Class Room VI 19x20 380
12 Class Room VII 20x20 400
13 Class Room VIII 20x20 400
14 Class Room IX 19x19 361
15 Class Room X 20x20 400
16 Psychology Lab  16x20 320
17 Language Lab 16x20 320
18 Educational Technology Lab 24x20 480
19 Sports Room 10x19.5 195
20 Arts & Crafts cum Music Room 19.5x15 292.5
21 Library Cum Reading Room 56x19 1064
22 SUPW Room 25.5x20 510
23 Meditation Hall 19x19 361
24 Store Room 19x19 361
25 Girls Common Room 19.5x20 390
26 Boys Common Room 19.5x19 390
27 Multipurpose Hall  30x70 2100
28 Staff Room - I (Male) 26x23 598
29 Staff Room - II (Female) 19x19 361
30 Staff Toilet - Male 20x10 200
31 Staff Toilet - Female 20X10 200
32 Toilet for Boys - (3 nos) 20x10 600
33 Toilet for Girls - (3 nos) 20x10 600
34 Staircase 20x20 400
35 Corridor  8x60x2 floors 960
36 Canteen 20x30 600
M.Ed., Programme
37 Head Room 16x20 320
38 M.Ed., Class Room - I 20x20 400
39 M.Ed., Class Room - II 20x20 400
40 Computer Lab 24x20 480
41 Seminar Library   20x20 400
42 Reading Room 20x20 400
43 Store Room 19x19 361
44 Girls Common Room 19.5x20 390
45 Boys Common Room 19x19 361
46 Staff Room  (M.Ed., Male) 20x20 400
47 Staff Room (M.Ed., Female) 20x20 400
48 Staff Toilets - Male & Female 20x10 200
49 Toilet for Boys - (1 nos) 20x10 200
50 Toilet for Girls - (1 nos) 20x10 200
51 Corridor 10x40 400
Total 23247.5
Details of Research Projects
Rs. in Lakhs
1 Dr.C.Anbuchelvan Motivational Factors Determining Regular Attendance Of Elementary School Students 1.10.13 -30.11.14 SSA 3.0
2 Dr.A.PioAlbina Impact Of CAL Programme In Primary And Upper Primary Schools Of Selected Districts Of Tamilnadu (Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi&Cuddalore) October 2013 - November,2014 SSA, Tamilnadu 2.00
3 Dr.M.ParimalaFathima Effect Of Neurocognitive Intervention Strategies In Enhancing Teaching Competency Among Student Teachers April 2013-March 2014 ICSSR (RP) Indian council of Social Science Research) 4.00
4 Dr.M.ParimalaFathima Enhancing Teaching Competency Of B.Ed. Students Through Neurocognitive Orientation July 2009–July 2011 DST-(CSI) Department of Science & Technology 10.54
5 Dr.M.ParimalaFathima Enhancing Teaching Competency Of Undergraduate Trainees Of IGNOU Through Metacognitive Orientation July2008 -Nov. 2010 IGNOU (DEC) New Delhi 2.00
6 Dr.R.Portia 5% Sample Check In Sivagangai And Vellore Districts. Jan 2016- Dec 2016 RMSA,Tamilnadu 0.90
1 Dr.C.Anbuchelvan
Dr.A. Pio Albinaa
Occupational Stress And Job Satisfaction Of Teaching Fraternity At Higher Education Level In Tamilnadu 01.01.14-31.01.17 ICSSR 8.0
2 Dr.M.ParimalaFathima Effect Of Cognitive And Meta Cognitive Intervention Strategies In Enhancing Teaching Competence Of Pre Service Teachers 01.05.2015-25.02.2017 UGC( Joint appointment of exchange of human resource between universities and other institution during XII plan period) 25.00
3 Dr.R.Portia Compassion Fatique Of Teachers And Helpers In The Schools For Mentally Retarded Children In The South East Region Of Tamilnadu : An Explorative Cum Experimental Study 2016-2018 UGC 0.70
4 Dr.M.Suganthi Multiple Intelligence In Relation To Self-Efficiency Of B.Ed Trainees 2016-2018 AURF 0.40
Ph.D. Awarded
Sl.No. Name of the Candidate Research Supervisor Year of Award
1 Balamurugan K Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2004
2 Mahendran P Dr.V.S.S.Kannan 2004
3 Rajan P.K. Dr.V.S.S.Kannan 2005
4 Selvan A Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2005
5 Raja Soundara Pandian S Dr.M.Solayan 2006
6 Arulsamy S Dr.P.Sivakumar 2006
7 Subburaj V Dr.P.Sivakumar 2007
8 Jailakumari G Dr.CR.Vasantha 2007
9 Edward William Benjamin A Dr.P.Sivakumar 2008
10 Bensam W Dr.P.Sivakumar 2008
11 Baby Vijila R Dr.M.Solayan 2008
12 Baskaran D Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2009
13 Ibrahim C Dr.CR.Vasantha 2009
14 Srinivasan T Dr.CR.Vasantha 2009
15 Subramaniam N Dr.V.S.S.Kannan 2009
16 Somasundaram G Dr.G.Kalaiyarasan 2009
17 Geetha K Nair Dr.V.S.S.Kannan 2010
18 Abbas Dr.V.S.S.Kannan 2010
19 Amarnath Sethupathy K Dr.G.Kalaiyarasan 2010
20 Rajeena A Dr.V.S.S.Kannan 2010
21 Mohan Sadasivan Dr.CR.Vasantha 2010
22 Geetha R Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2011
23 Annie Theresa Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2011
24 Joshith V.P. Dr.J.Sujathamalini 2011
25 Mr. S. Parthiban Dr. G. Kalaiyarasan 2011
26 Saroja Devi S Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2012
27 Baby John T Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2012
28 Vijayalakshmi N Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2013
29 Jawahar Benjamin N Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2013
30 Senthilvel Murugan S Dr.S.Herbert Baskaran 2013
31 Mr. M.K. Ramkumar Dr. J. Sujathamalini 2013
32 Mr. S. Leo Stanly Dr.A. Edward William Benjamin 2013
33 Nazar G Dr.G.Kalaiyarasan 2014
34 Pushpamma C Vadakel Dr.V.S.S.Kannan 2014
35 Gnana Sekar M Dr. G. Kalaiyarasan 2014
36 Mr. G. Palani Dr.A. Edward William Benjamin 2014
37 Ms.I. TharvinSumi Dr.A. Edward William Benjamin 2014
38 Ms. A. Catherin Jayanthy Dr. J. Sujathamalini 2014
39 Mr. M. Alex Raj Dr.A. Edward William Benjamin 2014
40 Ms. N. Rajeswari Dr. J. Sujathamalini 2014
41 Mr. J.A. Ebenezer Dr.A. Edward William Benjamin 2014
42 Manoharan B Dr.J.Sujathamalini 2015
43 Aneesh V.P. Dr.CR.Vasantha 2015
44 KulandaiTheresal L Dr.A.Edward William Benjamin 2015
45 A.John Kennedy Alexander Dr.A.Edward William Benjamin 2015
46 Sathiamoorthy S Dr.J.Sujathamalini 2015
47 Abiramasundari S Dr.VSS.Kannan 2015
48 Mr.S. Lakshmi Narayanan Dr.A.Edward William Benjamin 2016
49 Eduru Jane Selinapaul Dr.J.Sujathamalini 2016

Former NAAC Director & Vice - Chancellor of Bharathidasan University, University of Madras & M.K. University


Former Vice- Chancellor,Bharathidasan University


Former HOD, Department of Education Alagappa University

I am very much proud to be an alumni of Alagappa University College of Education, I have completed my 30 years of higher education service(from lecturer to HOD) in this prestigious institution and was honored by the additional duties as Dean(CDC), Member of syndicate, Director for Adult and Continuing Education, Research Academic Council Committee. I have completed my service here with heartfelt satisfaction.


Former Principal, AUCE

Proudly say that I am an alumnus of Dr.AlagappaChettiar Training College (now Alagappa University College of Education) in the year 1976-77. At that time this institution completed its 25thyear(Silver Jubilee Year). I have an opportunity to learn from Dr. Thiruvenkatacharriyar, Dr. Somasundaram, Dr. Pavanasam and others. After 10 years I entered into the institution as a lecturer in 1986 and served here up to 2012.

During the Golden Jubilee Year(1999-2000) of the institution as an alumnus I created a web site for the college ( and it is followed by more than 1.25 lakhs of viewers. It served as an introductory and help desk of Alagappa University until the University has its own.

I have completed my 25 years of higher education service(from lecturer to Principal level) in this prestigious institution and was honored by the additional duties as Director, Centre for Gandhian Studies and Centre Head, Study Centre, Indira Gandhi National Open University. Having an opportunity to serve with my teachers as colleague in all my services and get their guidance in all my services and get their guidance in academic affairs. I completed my service here with heartfelt satisfaction.


The College is offering training and consultancy to the following organizations

  • High and Higher Secondary Schools of Sivagangai District for B.Ed. Internship Training
  • Special School for deaf and dumb, Manamadurai
  • Special School for Blind, Tirupattur
  • District Institute of Education and Training – Pudukottai
  • Colleges of Education - Karaikudi Taluk  for M.Ed. Training
  • Department of Educational Technology, Bharathidasan University, Trichy
  • Gandhi Gram Rural University, Dindigul for Exhange of Human Resources between Universities.
  • Organizes PCPs for the DDE students of B.Ed. program
  • Serves as Study centre for IGNOU-B.Ed. program
Students' In-house Activities

Various Cells and Clubs have been formed and are functioning actively in the College, to upkeep the students' forum and intellectual participation in different extra-curricular and extension aspects, to protect and develop their self-interest and well-being in the Campus. Some of the Cells and Clubs formed are,

  • Grievance Cell
  • Anti-Ragging Cell
  • Equal Opportunity Centre
  • Women Empowerment Cell
  • NSS
  • Red Ribbon Club
  • Institutional Visit Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Library Committee
  • WhatsApp Committee
  • Latest Knowledge Committee
  • IT Skills Committee
  • Alumni Facilitation Committee
  • Welfare Committee
  • Alumni Facilitation Committee
  • Parent Teacher Meet Facilitation Committee
  • Ambience Club
  • Nature  Club Cultural Club
  • Sports Club
  • Art Club
  • Human Rights Club Literary Club
  • Science Club
  • Mathematics  Club
  • Science Club
  • Commerce and Consumer Club (CCC)
  • History Club

AUCE has a dedicated Placement-cum-Training Cell, headed by a Placement Officer. The Placement Cell guides the students through their career by providing adequate training and assistance in gaining employment with the right educational institutions.

Placement Program

We are very glad to proclaim that in every academic year, an average 40% of our students are placed on-campus or off-campus in reputed educational institutions.

The Placement Cell monitors the employment opportunities and arranges campus interviews for the final year students.

Our Campus recruitment program starts in the Pre-final semester. The On Campus recruitment program keeps continuing till the end of their final semester, and then we help our students by arranging Off-Campus Interview too.

As a result, students of AUCE are benefited every year with progressive remunerative and rewarding placements in reputed educational organizations.

Training Programs

The Placement Cell organizes various activities and training programs in association with Alagappa Study Circle and reputed training institutions. The programs organized are

  • Soft Skills Development Programs– to develop the communication, interpersonal, leadership, teamwork skills in the students.
  • Citizenship Skills Training
  • Interviews and Group Discussions - to familiarize students with standard selection procedures
  • Campus interviews - in association with educational institutions
Photos / Videos