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Established in May 2020, the Department of Theatre and Film Studies offers effective training to the enthusiastic young men and women to fashion themselves as artistes and critics of the most influential media of theatrical arts and motion picture. The objectives of the programme of study initiated at the Department are to preserve, promote and popularize the Cultural Values that are intrinsic to the Indian way of life. The career – oriented courses are designed with a view to skilling the learners with subtle nuances to become professional performers and entertainers with core values.

Enacting plays is as old as Human Civilization. India’s contribution to world drama is no less than ancient Greek Drama. Different varieties of engaging dramas are staged in different regions across the country to entertain, instruct and educate humanity on ethical values for leading a life of happiness and contentment. From the basic genre of drama evolved motion picture as a result of the growth of science and technology; and today it has proved to be the most potent among the mass media; and the television is the wonder child of cinema.

Envisaging the enormous potential of the powerful medium of cinema and the positive role it has to play for nation’s cultural progress, the department will give emphasis on imparting proper training to produce brilliant and resourceful directors, best cinematographers, good creative editors, best critics and researchers, effective screen play writers, best actors, agile media mangers etc.

The courses offered as part of the M.A degree programme in Theatre and film studies are:
S. NoCourse Name
1Communication Theories
2History of World Theatre
3Evolution of World Film
4Tamil Performing Arts
5Elements of Film
6Practical I: Actor Preparation: Body, Voice & Mind
7Practical II: Improvisation & Choreography
8History of Indian Theatre
9Theories of Acting
10Script Writing for Media
11Media Ethics and Social Responsibility
12Practical III: Costume, Makeup, Lighting & Stage Craft
13Practical IV: Styles of Acting
14Direction Theories
15History of Tamil Theatre
16Theatre in Education
17Research Methodology
18Practical V: Cinematography
19Practical VI: Post Production Techniques – Editing & Sound
20Theatre Production
21Film Production
Dr. M. Jothi Basu,
Head i/c
Department of Theatre and Film Studies
First Floor, P.G. Block
Alagappa University
Karaikudi- 630 003
Mobile: +91 90034 27564
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1 Dr. M. Jothi Basu Assistant Professor & Head i/c
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