Centre for Women's Studies


Utilizing the potential resources of women for the development which reflects on holistic development of the Nation.


Interventionist role by initiating the gender perspective in many domains in the generation of knowledge in the field of policy and practice.

Act as catalyst for promoting and strengthening women studies through teaching, research, dissemination of knowledge and field action.

The Course is interdisciplinary:

"Women" being the subject matter of this course, it transcends boundaries of disciplines and eventually assumes inter-disciplinary nature. The syllabus for the course is so designed as to empower students with adequate knowledge of their rights and privileges and it trains them to emerge as successful change-agents in the desired direction of social transformation. Women's Studies programme of Alagappa University is recognized by the Tamilnadu Government on par with other postgraduate courses for purposes of Scholarship, Employment and Higher Studies. Women's Studies is an approved subject of study for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) with stipend by the University Grants Commission. Women's Studies is a subject approved by the UGC for the National Level Eligibility Test to qualify for Lectureship in Colleges / Universities.

The Department offers Five years M.A Integrated Home Science with Specialization -Nutrition and Dietetics and Garment Construction from the academic year 2016-2017. The Department offers credit courses on Introducing Gender Studies, Sociology and Life Skill Education under CBCS to students of other Departments of the University.

S.No Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. K.Manimekalai Professor and Director
2 Dr. P. Veeramani Assistant Professor
Programmes Offered
Courses offered by the Centre for Women's Studies
  • Certificate Course in Beauty Therapy
  • Certificate Course in Gender Studies
  • Certificate Course in Guidance and Counseling
  • Certificate Course in NGO Management
    Sl. No. Name of the Programmes Action
Fee Structure
Certificate Course
Duration Fees (Rs.)
6 Months 1500
  • Smart Class Rooms
  • Computer Lab
  • Internet with wi-fi Connection
  • Well Equipped Library
  • Conference Hall with LCD Projector
  • Skill Development Initiative - Training Hall
  • Free Legal Counseling Centre
  • Food Processing Lab

From the inception the Centre for Women's Studies has been completed around 40 researches from various fields funded by UGC, ICSSR, DST, Canara Bank, National Commission for Women, Tamilnadu Social Welfare Board, Department of women and child development, Indian Council for Child Development, AICTE, DRDA, British Council Division, Chennai and so on.

Projects Completed for the academic Year 2016-17
  • Workplace Happiness Audit: With Special Reference to Women Employees at Alagappa University, 2016
  • Psychosocial Intervention and Quality of life of HIV Positive Children, 2016
  • Political Participation of Women in Sivagangai District, 2016
  • Happiness Audit among Girls Students at Alagappa University, 2016
  • Evaluation Study of the Training Programmes conducted by Rural Training Centre, 2016
Year Name of the Publications
1989-1990 Legal Literacy (12 Monographs) in Tamil
1989-1990 Female offenders in PMT District: Illicit Arrack Distillers
1989-1990 Promoting Entrepreneurship among Women
1989-1990 Technology for Rural Women
1990-1991 Women and Development V.R.KrishnaIyer's Address on "Women and development"
1990-1991 Socio-Economic Survey of Sakkottai Union, PM District
1990-1991 Baseline survey of Villages in Sakkottai Block
1991-1992 Status and Role of Women working in Bank and Postal and Telephone Service
1991-1992 Age at Marriage (Proceedings of the Seminar funded by UNICEF and IUACE) STEP- UP (Training Manual, funded by the Tamil Nadu Corporation for development of Women Ltd, Madras.
1992-1993 Girl Child and Family in Tamil Nadu (Funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi
1993-1994 Women, Entrepreneurship and Technology (Funded by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi
1993-1994 Bonded Girl Children as Domestic Labourers in PMT District
1994-1995 The Need for Crèche for the Children of Women in Organized Sectors in Karaikudi
1995-1996 Women and Emerging Technologies
1995-1996 Impediments which Women Candidates have to Encounter in the General Run up to Election
1996 - 1997 Impact of Rashtriya Mahila Kosh Scheme on Women Self-Help-Groups of Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) Usilampatti, Madurai District.
1996-1997 Women, Politics and Empowerment (A micro-study on the election and contest)
1996-1997 Women in Panchayat Election of PMT District
1996-1997 Main current in Gender Studies in India Volume 1
1996-1997 Manual for entrepreneurship Development Programme Trainees
1996-1997 Gender, Law and Equality
1997-1998 Impact of Rashtriya Mahila Kosh Scheme on Rural Women in Tamil Nadu
1997-1998 Empowerment of Women Labours in Cotton Textile Industries in India
1999-2000 Women Participation in Higher Education
1999-2000 KOTTRAVAI – A Quarterly News Letter
2000-2001 Evaluation of the UNICEF Girl Child Project in Salem District
2001-2002 Tamil Nadu Police Gender - Sensitization Course - Material
2002-2003 Evaluation Study of Restructuring Central Rural Sanitation Programme (RCRSP) in Ramnad District
2002-2003 Training Manual – Total Sanitation
2003-2004 Gender Perspective Curriculum in Higher Education Empowerment of Women in Cotton Textile Industries in India
2003-2004 Matching Career option and Human Resources with Women College Leaver of Tamil Nadu
2004-2005 Gender, Equity and Main Streaming (GEM) Quarterly Journal of Women's Studies - Dec 2005
2006-2007 Gender, Equity and Main Streaming (GEM) Quarterly Journal of Women's Studies - Dec 2006
2006-2007 A Study on Evaluation of SHG/Individual beneficiaries under TAHDCO Scheme in Sivagangai District
2006-2007 Gender, Equity and Main Streaming (GEM) Quarterly Journal of Women's Studies - March 2007
2006-2007 Women and Development
2006-2007 Women and Entrepreneurship
2006-2007 Child Abuse
2008-2009 Gender Gap in Girls Education
2008-2009 News Letter - Volume - I
2009-2010 Social Security for Old age Women
2009-2010 Social Capital and Empowerment of Women
2009-2010 Distressed Women
2009-2010 Community as a Domain for Violence Against Women
2010-2011 Declining Sex Ratio- An Explorative Study
2010-2011 News Letter - Volume - II
2010-2011 Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
2011-2012 Gender Gap in India ISBN-978-81-927063-0-6.
2012 -2013 Women in GovernanceISBN- 978-81- 927063 - 1-3.
2011-2012 GEM Journal of Women's Studies -Volume – V – ISSN – 2320 – 6403
2012-2013 GEM Journal of Women's Studies -Volume – VI – ISSN – 2320 – 6403 (2013)
2011-2012 News Letter - Volume - III
2012-2013 Harms of Media Violence on Women and Children ISBN- 978-81- 927063 - 3- 7
2012 -2013 Monograph on "Women and Health"
2012-2013 Monograph on "Women Development Schemes"
2012-2013 Database on "Status of Women in India"
2012-2013 News Letter - Volume – IV
2012-2013 Book on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.
2013-2014 Gender Mainstreaming and Sustainable Development ISBN-978-81-927063-2-0
2013-2014 Dictionary of Women's Studies ISBN – 978-81-9270639-9
2013-2014 Practice of Social Networking among Girls Students
2014-2015 Nature of and Impact of Cybercrime against college Girls
2014-2015 Women Administrators in Higher Education Challenges and Achievements
2014-2015 Great Women Achievers ISBN-978-81-927063-4-4
2014 -2015 Hand Book on Women's Studies (UGC- NET/JRF Examination) , Regal Publication, New Delhi. 2015. 978-81- 8484-485-6
2014- 2015 Book on Gender Based Regional Analysis of National Statistics
2014-2015 Monograph on Women Freedom Fighters in Tamil Nadu
2014-2015 Book on Legislative Measures for Safety and Security of Women
2015-2016 Workplace Happiness Audit: With Special Reference to Women Employees at Alagappa University
2015-2016 Psychosocial Intervention and Quality of life of HIV Positive Children,
2015-2016 Political Participation of Women in Sivagangai District, 2016
2015 -2016 Happiness Audit among Girls Students at Alagappa University, 2016
2015 -2016 Evaluation Study of the Training Programmes conducted by Rural Training Centre,
2015 – 2016 Social Exclusion and Inclusion of Women in India, MJP Publishers, Karaikudi, ISBN : 978-81- 8094-297-1
2015-2016 Women and Social Transformation, Centre for Women's Studies, Alagappa University, Karaikudi 2015ISBN 978-81-928690-4-9
Field Action
  • Mahalir Thittam
  • Human Rights Education (Collaboration with Human Rights Education Institute, Madurai)
  • Free Legal Aid and Counseling
  • Legal Camps in Villages
  • Intensive campaign on child rights
  • Government Programmes Involved
Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Organized
International 06
National 42
Regional and other Programmes 80
Clustering / Networking

The Department and Centre for Women's Studies has Networking and served as cluster and consultancy agency with various organizations like Government bodies, Central and State Universities, Research Institutions, Banks, NGOs and so on.

Prof. K. Manimekalai

Prof. K. Manimekalai,
Head and Director, Women's Studies,
Dean, Faculty of Arts,
Alagappa University

I take this opportunity as the right time to thank my esteemed institution for teaching me values of life such as hard work, consistent, potential to face hurdles and most importantly punctuality. Women's Studies, Alagappa University was a great experience with mind blowing exposures. The Institution helped me to develop very positive attitude towards work and also developed leadership quality in me. There were seemingly limitless extracurricular activities which led me to a journey of self discovery. It evolved me into a better person whom I never imagine to become a Vice-Chancellor of a State University in Tamil Nadu. I take pride in thanking my institution.

Dr. P. Veeramani

Dr. P. Veeramani,
Assistant Professor,
Centre for Women's Studies,
Alagappa University

I would like to thank my esteemed institution for moulding and shaping my future. Because, it gave us good exposure and has definitely helped us to move forward in the right direction. The study and the atmosphere from the department has given a thrust to my life and career. The Department of Women's studies gave me in-depth knowledge about the society and moulded me to serve for the empowerment of women.


Assistant Professor,
Centre for Women's Studies,
Alagappa University, Karaikudi.

I am delighted to note that the experience in Women's Studies which has proved to be the beginning of my journey as post graduate student to Assistant Professor in the Centre for Women's Studies. My teachers helped to culture discipline, hard work, dedication in me which enabled to complete my Ph.D.(Women's Studies). It has given me an ideal platform to understand the matters of global interest on women. This has enhanced my learning abilities and has encouraged my inquisitiveness. This experience motivated me to do something extraordinary for the empowerment of women and community as well.

Dr. M. S. Sameem Banu

Dr. M. S. Sameem Banu,
Computer/Documentation Assistant,
Dept. of Women's Studies,
Bharathidasan University,

The Dept. of Women's Studies of Alagappa University has inculcated in me the spirit of discipline and values which I am great indebted. It has taught me especially how to acclaim self identity, skill to analyze the society with gender lens and structured my thoughts. The study and the ambience from the department has given a thrust to my life and career. My study was accidental to the department, and it was only then that I realized, it was my turning point in my life to choice and career. All the credits go to the faculty members for moulding and shaping my future and for turning me to serve with dignity, integrity and justice. I am very proud being an alumni of DWSAU.

Dr. V. Thirukkani

Dr. V. Thirukkani,
Research Associate,
Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy
Gandhigram rural institute

It's an indeed extraordinary experience studying at women's Studies with such knowledgeable faculties, excellent education environment, culture, and all other utilities are just worth to have. Guidance and support of faculty members prepare students for each and every fights of society in terms of grooming, presentation skills, communication skills and management skills. I am glad & thankful to the institution.

Dr. N. Renuka Devi

Dr. N. Renuka Devi,
Asst. Professor, of the PG Department of Banking and Insurance Management
Ethiraj College, Chennai.

I would like to thank Alagappa University for being so supportive and helping me to develop my career. I wish this institution goes on doing great stuff and help students achieve their dreams. I credit my success to the department and the experiences it has given me.


Dr. Thiruvalluvan,
Technical Officer-B,
Department of socio-behavioural Research,
National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis,
Madurai-unit, Tamilnadu 625020

The professors are dedicated experts in their fields and share the wealth of their enormous experience, reality and wisdom. They are talented, committed and genuinely caring; their talent for sharing their expertise and experience was a treat. The department clearly go to great lengths to make their students' environment comfortable and well-equipped to focus on learning.


Assistant Project Officer,
Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd.

Department of Women's Studies, Alagappa University helped me to find the areas of personal interest related to women development. My journey could be embarked upon only under the keen guidance and expertise of the experienced faculty at the Department. The balanced learning curve over the two years subsequently became a part and parcel of my daily thought and action process for the empowerment of women under Mahalir Thittam, Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd.

Dr. P. Jeyachandran

Dr. P. Jeyachandran,
CSI B.Ed College Pasumalai, Madurai .

I wish to say that dedicated professors; well-equipped libraries, relevant guidance and the teaching curriculum develop my horizon and personality and made me to understand the importance and need of Women's Studies at national and international level.

Dr. A. S. Gayathri

Dr. Mrs. A. S. Gayathri,
Associate Professor in the Department of Commerce,
Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai.

I am proud today that I was research scholar of the Department of Women's studies, Alagappa University. Well experienced and qualified faculties encouraged and guided through their sound card and systematic methodology. I thank the Department.

A. Vijayalakshmi

A. Vijayalakshmi,
ASudar Foundation, Madurai.

I have observed from my experience that the NGO sector welcomes individuals with an social service bend of mind. Proper decision making is not possible unless there is an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. Department of Women's Studies gave me both- in depth knowledge of theoretical subject and practical knowledge and moulded me to work for the development of the community.

International Level Association
  • MOU with James Cook University, Australia
  • Consultancy with Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Hungary
  • Collaboration with University of Tennessee, Nashvile
  • Consultancy with Multi Media University, Malaysia
  • Collaboration with York University, Canada
  • Queen’s University, Canada
  • York University, UK.
National Level Association

The Department and Centre for Women’s Studies has Networking with the following organizations:

  • Agriculture Finance Corporation, Chennai
  • UNICEF, Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation, Chennai
  • District Administration Office, Ramanathapuram
  • District Administration Office, Sivaganga
  • NGOs
  • Nationalized Service Banks
  • Tamil Nadu Police Department
  • All Women Police Station
  • Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Board
  • Wilbert Smith Association, Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu Institute of Urban Studies, Coimbatore
  • British Council, Chennai
  • Department of Posts India
  • Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi
  • Women’s Studies Centres in other Universities
  • Service Clubs/Institutions
  • State Resources Centre, Chennai
  • Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi
  • Central social Welfare Board, New Delhi
  • National Commission for Women, New Delhi
  • Tamil Nadu State Commission for Women
  • Tamil Nadu Adi Dravida Housing and Development Corporation
  • Directorate of Employment & Training, Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu Legal Services Authority, Chennai
  • Department of Social Defense, Chennai
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Madurai
  • District Rural Development Agency , Sivaganga
  • District Industries Centre, Sivaganga
  • District Rural Development Agency, Ramnad
  • District Health Services
  • PENN Trust for Women Development, Madurai
  • M.S.Chellamuthu Trust for the Mentally disabled, Madurai
  • People’s Watch ( Human Rights organization ), Madurai
  • SOCO Trust ( Legal Rights ), Madurai
  • Sastri - Indo Canadian Institute, New Delhi
  • Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India.
  • State Mission of Food Processing : Department of Agricultural Marketing and Business
  • Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology, Tanjore
  • Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Madurai
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute(CFTRI), Mysore
  • Dry land Agriculture Research Station, Chettinadu
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kundrakudi.

The Department of Women's Studies has established with wide network with various agencies such as Government Departments, Non Government Organizations, Universities and Industries. Our students are placed in reputed organizations as per the requirements. Selected placement of our students are given below:

Women's Studies

Dr. P. Veeramani
Assistant Professor,
Centre for Women's Studies,
Alagappa University, Karaikudi

Dr. S. Poulpunitha
Assistant Professor,
Centre for Women's Studies,
Alagappa University, Karaikudi

Ms. Vijayasankari
Assistant Project Officer,
Capacity Building,
Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation
Collectorate , Sivagangai

Ms. Sameem Banu
Documentation Assistant,
Department of Women's Studies,
Bharathidasan University, Trichy

Dr. Thirukani
Research Associate,
Gandhigram University,

Ms. N. Subulakshmi
Research Assistant,
Centre for Applied Research
Gandhigram University, Gandhigram

Ms. Philipha
Project Fellow,
Department of Women's Studies,
Bharathidasan University, Trichy

Ms. Lakshmi Periyasamy
Research Associate,
Indian Social Institute,

Government Higher Secondary School,

AC Muthiah Medical Foundation,

Psychiatric Social Worker,
Kauvery Medical Centre, Karaikudi

H.R. Assistant ,
TVS, Sundaram,
Fasteners Ltd, Autolec – Division, Plant 2,
Gummidipoondi – 01, Chennai

Female Psychiatric Social Worker,
Bala Saranya Rehabilitation Centre, Tharuvai,
Thidiyoor Road, Thirunelveli

Training Cum Monitoring Officer (TMO),
Magic Bus India Foundation,
Chrompets, Chennai -44

Photos / Videos